The Sun Also Rises

365 days a year the sun rises, but never twice in the exact same place. 365 times in the past year the sun has found a way to do things from a new place, but what about you?  Are you stuck doing exactly the same thing exactly the same way each and every day simply because it is too much of a challenge to come up with even a tiny change? Come on now, can it really be there is nothing to change in your life to make it better?  Are you at the maximum of where you could be?

If this is the case we are letting ourselves live from the past, just as if we were trying to drive our car looking out the back window.  Change is not always easy, change can look a lot like danger, but for life to expand, for there to be more to experience, something has to change, and someone has to be the agent of that change.  Are you that person?  Are you willing to step up and shout “the emperor has no clothes”?  Not just for the sheer excitement of  stirring things up, but because if things are not stirred, they  either burn or get stagnant.

We as humans were not created to sit in one place, doing the same thing day after day, we were given free will and a brain to place that will to an unlimited number of creative functions. If the sun can come up with 365 new ways to appear each year, is it not possible you might be able to find three or four new ways to appear? No, change is not always easy, it can indeed be a little scary, but just as the caterpillar cannot become a butterfly without going through the stress of the cocoon,  neither will you grow without the experience of active, choice full, and conscious change.

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