Off shore wisdom

We spend a great deal of time and effort looking for inspiration and wisdom, peace, love and prosperity outside ourselves; as though the only answers to our desires must come from an “off shore source.”  As Dr. Phil might ask; “How is that working for you?” In almost every instance what you are seeking is already within […]

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I can fix you

If someone says to you that they can “fix”, run, don’t walk, RUN the other direction just as quickly as you can. First of all, you are not broken, therefore you do not need fixing. Second of all, whatever you want to change about your life does not come from an outside source, it begins

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Love those little boxes!

Those little boxes, you know the ones I mean, the boxes which define who we are, what we believe, who we should like, or dislike. The little boxes which define how much we should earn, where we should live (in a little box of course!).  Those little boxes are so comforting.  they keep us warm

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Be your own Guru

I have many friends who are walking the path of self IN-powerment, which is what we call this work at Choiceful Living Seminars.  Folks who frequently ask themselves “How can it get any better than this?” What amazes me is that so often, once this path is started, the first thing some of these delightful

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Micro to Macro

All change in your life begins with YOU.  Change does not begin with your spouse acting differently, change does not come from your boss being a nicer person.  Change does not begin with your children being more respectful or prices coming down.  Change begins with YOU, from the micro to the macro.  If you want

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