Be your own Guru

I have many friends who are walking the path of self IN-powerment, which is what we call this work at Choiceful Living Seminars.  Folks who frequently ask themselves “How can it get any better than this?” What amazes me is that so often, once this path is started, the first thing some of these delightful people do is begin quoting the wisdom of others!

While it might be fun to name-drop the name of your current source of inspiration, the truth is you have within you, right now, the same source of wisdom.  It is simply a matter of training yourself to listen to your guidance,  and begin recognizing how capable you are of having the same type of life-altering insights as those we might call Guru!

Just as over the past year or so this blog has been dedicated to offering suggestions to help you make your life more joyful, if you were to turn your intention to hearing your own take on these ideas, you would find an endless path of insight.  The more you invite yourself to take this path, the clearer the way will become.  This is not a suggestion that you have to start dressing in robes and sitting lotus fashion, just be yourself, be your own Guru.  

As I was told some time ago: GURU stands for; Gee, You Are You!

This having been said, if you wish to quote a source of deeper understandings, may I offer my latest book, It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer?   It is a great place to practice becoming your own often quoted mystic!  Just click on the book cover and you can order your copy NOW!

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