Write your own fortune

I heard this on an ad today and simply fell in love with the idea.  Write your own fortune!  Why wait for that dinner at the Chinese restaurant, do it yourself right now, have some fun!

Who is your biggest supporter, and at the same time your loudest critic?  Yourself of course, so enlist your supporter to give you a boost.  I suggest you leave the “you will meet a tall stranger” fortunes for after dinner, but what if you were to sit down and write out your goals as you see them today.  Take each goal and write out a fortune; for instance, if you want to have a new car, maybe you will write a fortune which says “your dream car awaits you” or maybe “today you are closer to driving your new car.” Then print them up on small pieces of paper, just like the restaurant fortunes.  Rather than leave them wrapped up in a cookie, make up half a dozen and slip one in the utensil drawer, another in the dryer, another by your favorite snack, how about another in the console of your car? And this will work for more than your new car, it will work for your new job, new romance, peace within your life, happiness, anything you can conceive.

You are not trying to fool yourself, rather what you are doing is giving yourself gentle reminders that it is you who write your fortune, you who will bring those fortunes into reality.

You have the power of creation, make it fun!

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