Micro to Macro

All change in your life begins with YOU.  Change does not begin with your spouse acting differently, change does not come from your boss being a nicer person.  Change does not begin with your children being more respectful or prices coming down.  Change begins with YOU, from the micro to the macro.  If you want to see more peace in the world, your view cannot be that they have to change what they are doing for peace to break-out; peace must begin with you.

If you want to have more money in your life, the change does not come about in the money, it comes about from you. (see the post Come from Possible) If a more joyful life is what you seek, if more cooperation from co-workers is what you seek, if getting to work more easily would please you greatly, life does not have to change, your co-workers do not have to change, the traffic does not have to change for you to experience these things, all the change which is to take place first takes place within you (the micro) and then expands to the world (the macro).

The agent of change is how you view the world around you.  Rather than the guy in the next cubicle being a royal pain in the puttie, perhaps getting to know him better will begin the change.  If life seems to be a drag no matter what you are doing, maybe all it will take is for you to follow that age old recommendation to stop and smell the roses. You are your agent of change, and when you make the choice to open to revising how you are looking at things, something magical occurs, things change.  

Change occurs from the micro to the macro, from inside to the outside.

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