Come from possible

I am going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction: no matter what the issue is you will not find a solution to that issue if you come from the place of the problem. The  only place for advancement, for resolution, for forward progress will be to come from the possible.

Try this out: if you know someone who is having a challenge, ask them what the issue is.  More likely than not what you will get back is a recitation of what has not worked.  Now, ask them “what can we do to make this work?” At first you might get more about why it has not worked already, but gently  help them find a way to say “here is what we need.”  That is a whole different ball game.  We have now moved from why it cannot work or did not work, to what could be done.  

A problem can not be solved from the level of the problem.  It is that simple.  Come from the possible and any mountain can be climbed, any obstacle overcome, any resistance diffused.  Does this sound too easy to be true?  Perhaps it does seem that way at first, but first we have to re-train ourselves to alter our way of thinking, and that takes practice.  This does not have to be difficult, it simply takes an awareness of how we think of things.

My soon to be released book It’s All About Me is a primer to doing just this; retraining our thinking to move from stuck to possible.  Are you in?  Does this sound like where you want to be?  If so stand by, IAAM will be available for sale very, very soon.

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