Heading to the playoffs

Football fans are hitting a fever pitch as their teams either head for the playoffs, or the locker rooms. Those of us who are not regular followers of American Football sometimes wonder what the big deal is. But if you step back and truly look at why sporting events are such a powerful draw for […]

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The Collective Consciousness

Step aside those who think their thoughts are their own, you have entered the realm of the Collective Consciousness. What? I want to offer a couple examples of times you may have experienced how consciousness travels beyond the individual.  Have you ever attended a party that was dull as can be, then someone walks in

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Feed the children

To feed the children does not simply mean to give them physical food.  Food, while obviously essential, is only the first step in supporting children.  A child who is provided nourishment but deprived of human touch, love, attention and emotional support withers on the vine. Be aware Be aware of your words to and around

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This season, the Holidays, are the perfect time to turn a new leaf, especially with family.  Over the years lots of things have happened which may have driven a wedge between you and those you truly love.  The important thing to remember is that any wedge that has been driven can be removed.  It doesn’t

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Take a deep breath!

Is the world closing in on you?  Are things happening too quickly to keep track?  Do you feel like you just want to scream sometimes?  Take a deep breath! Every interaction we have is based in vibration.  Some people come to us with vibrations so powerful they can overwhelm us; sometimes it is just that

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