The Collective Consciousness

Step aside those who think their thoughts are their own, you have entered the realm of the Collective Consciousness.


I want to offer a couple examples of times you may have experienced how consciousness travels beyond the individual.  Have you ever attended a party that was dull as can be, then someone walks in and the whole mood shifts to party mode?  The tediousness of the original gathering was shared by everyone there.  The more people who were bored, the deeper the pool of boredom became.  Once that tedium was broken everyone felt lighter, happier, more excited.  This is an example of collective consciousness.

One night I was driving on an LA freeway when suddenly traffic came to a standstill where one roadway met another.  At first I recall feeling a quietness in the air, which quickly changed to an intense feeling of anxiety coming from all around me.  At that moment I had the advantage of being in a “listening mode.”  I was not upset at the delay at all but suddenly I felt a wave of anxiety sweep through my vehicle from all around.  I had no idea what was going on, but I mentioned it to my passengers.  They too had felt the change in vibration.  This too is collective consciousness.

More than you know

This same experience occurs when mobs form, when stadiums filled with people are roused by a speaker, or a fantastic play.  If you recognize any of these examples you have experienced The Collective Consciousness.  We are vibrational beings who respond to vibrations.  As you realize this, you can begin to control your own reactions.  Rather than being swept up in other people’s anxiety, you begin to recognize what is going on.  You are now in control of your life.

It’s All About Me

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The Involved Observer