So much of our lives are centered on the pursuit of distraction.  We fill our lives with events and electronic input.  The end result is that when we find ourselves in the position of no activity and the internet is down we don’t know what to do with ourselves.  In extreme cases the resulting absence of distraction makes us crazy.

Running from or running to?

We spend much of our time running away from what is bothering us.  If we are not running away from what is bothering us, we are running toward a goal.  In either case we are still inviting distraction.  Certainly there are times to run toward a goal, but we always want to be certain that we can stop and be good with ourselves.

The power of now

No matter if we are running towards, or running away, at some point we will have to come to terms with ourselves.  Perhaps you have heard the challenge about being alone with yourself in a quiet room.  Astonishingly, very few people can be by themselves quietly.  We are constantly seeking distraction; surfing the web, watching TV, listening to the radio.  What happens when the power goes out?  Even reading a real book by the light of a flashlight is distraction.  If our source of distraction is playing on social media, what happens when the tide of reactions seems to go against you?  You feel cut off, at a loss for who you are.  When this happens our sense of self falls into a bottomless chasm, and we are likely to begin engaging in self destructive behavior.  People who cut themselves as simply trying to overcome this feeling of loss of self.  The only cure I know is to experience the power of Now.

Meditation is one method to train away from distraction and I have several other thoughts in my book Think Believe, Receive that may help.  Click the cover below to read a sample then purchase your own copy.