Your Memorial

When it comes time for your memorial service, what will people say about you?  Will their words be of someone who devoted their life to living and service?  How would you like to be remembered?  

Admittedly, the topic of death and memorial services is not one most people want to spend much time looking at, which is understandable.  On the other hand, thinking about your own memorial can be a beautiful tool to improve your life. 

Start at the end and work backwards

Imagine yourself as an invisible spectator at your own memorial service.  What are people saying about you?  Are they sharing stories of how you selflessly got up in the middle of the night to rescue them when their car broke down, or telling stories of you borrowing their car and wrecking it?  Are they talking about the depth of your faith, how it supported you and those around you?  Or are they speaking about how you were afraid every moment of the day and night?  

As we take stock of how we impact this world while we are here, the answer to these kinds of questions can guide us to living better lives.  That is why I say, “Start at the end (your memorial service) and work backwards.”  We cannot control what people say about us, but we can certainly give them positive reflections about ourselves.  When people reflect upon who you are, have you given them positive memories?  Have you given people reason to see you in the way you would like to be remembered?  If your answer to this question is “no”, or “I hope so”, you still have time to make adjustments.  Just today, just one time, lend a hand to a person in need.  Do that once today, that’s all.  Then do it once tomorrow, that’s all.  

One person

One person I know will have her mourners crying is my beautiful Bride Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar.  She has devoted almost her entire life to helping one person at a time, even when it was difficult for her.  Read about it in her biography The Lady Ashtar Story.  Just click the cover below for a sample read.