The School of Love

The School of Love is in session, and you are the only student.

Set aside all the conflicting definitions of love.  Release the idea that love and romance are synonymous.  Fear of being misunderstood as you stand in love is a distraction from your classwork.  

Focus on yourself

How do you feel about yourself?  If you feel shame, shame will be reflected in every aspect of your experience of love.  If you feel fear, doubt, half-hearted– the mirror of life will reflect that right back to you.  Physical expressions of love are the limited expressions of an unlimited expression.  It is time to matriculate from grammar school and begin your graduate work.  But, you will forever remain in grammar school as long as you attempt to limit the unlimited.

Embrace the possible

It is not possible to give to another what you yourself do not feel.  You cannot commit to a relationship if you are withholding the grace of love from yourself.  Everything we experience is a reflection of our own feelings.  Those who live in fear see reasons to fear all around them, including the fear of a meaningful relationship.  Once you let down your armor, breach the walls that surround your heart you are ready to embrace the possibility of the relationship you desire.  Once again, the possibility resides in you, and only you can allow the embrace of your true self.

Compassion for others, empathy for others, lending a helping hand are all expressions of love.  Greed, suspicion, avarice are on the other end of the equation.  It is possible to love, to feel love, once you begin loving yourself for the perfect creation you already are.  

Begin at the Beginning

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