Levels of Consciousness

When I speak of Consciousness I am referring to how we view the world, how we view ourselves and how we view the interconnectedness of all things.

Consciousness is an evolving experience, and it is a very personal thing.  We cannot judge anyone else’s consciousness, in many cases not even our own.  What is an advanced level of consciousness for a twelve year old is not the same as for a fifty year old.  Strictly speaking, even attempting to evaluate where another person is, is not ours to do.

Spiritual growth/expanded consciousness

There are lots of people who will suggest to us that if we attend their weekend retreat we will come away with dramatic spiritual growth, and this may indeed be so.  You may discover parts of yourself that have lay hidden or dormant.  However a heightened consciousness is not something that is achieved, it is more a reflection of how we think and act.  There are no definitive steps that can be taken.  Each persons evolvement is strictly a personal experience, one that is seldom recognized as it occurs.

 Spiritual growth is often taught.  I have had some fantastic experiences attending seminars, as well as teaching classes and leading workshops, where I could actually feel a shift in myself.  These shifts may have been permanent or they may have been fleeting.  Consciousness,  however, is a sustained growth or deepening.  It is only in hindsight that one may recognize they have truly changed.  Changed to their very core, and there is no going back.

No right or wrong

There is no right way to an expanded consciousness, nor is there a wrong way.  There is no magic bullet, no hard and fast rules.  If we see someone else and say “Wow, they have a fantastic consciousness,” it is not so much them we are seeing, but a reflection of ourselves.

On your pathway there are three steps to follow; Think, Believe, Receive, and you can read about them in my book of the same title.  Available at Amazon.com by clicking on the cover below.  Happy growth!