This season, the Holidays, are the perfect time to turn a new leaf, especially with family.  Over the years lots of things have happened which may have driven a wedge between you and those you truly love.  The important thing to remember is that any wedge that has been driven can be removed.  It doesn’t matter if you drove the wedge or someone else drove the wedge, family is family no matter how that family came to be.

For instance, I have grandchildren and step-children who are very precious to me.  Some are blood, some are Ohana, the family we have chosen.  My Ohana was temporally divided because of a change in relationship status.  This does not change my love for them.  The time we have spent apart has been difficult to my heart, but situations change and that Ohana is coming back together, slowly but surely.  What is most important is to remain open to love; love is the only power that can overcome.  

Look around you, is there someone who has, for some reason, not been close to you?  It is not too late, reach out to them, or allow them to reach out to you and greet them in love.  Who did what to whom is immaterial.  Who said what or what they heard is immaterial.  Open your heart and allow your heart to be opened with the most healing of all vibrations; love.

May the rest of 2016 and all of 2017 be a time of healing and a time of love.

The Involved Observer