Well, at least I thought it was…

I think that to live a full life, a life which is rich and textured, we must have a good sense of humor about ourselves.  The ability to look in from the outside and see how often we do things which later can only be explained only with the words; “well, I thought it was a good idea at the time.”  When we catch ourselves making what can only be described as “an interesting choice,”  the ability to just shrug our shoulders and chuckle at our choices is priceless.

In a little while from now I will be out there on the dance floor.  In my mind I can see myself doing little moves Fred Astaire would love to have claimed.  At least that is how they will appear in my mind.  To the rest of the world, not so much, but for a short period of time I think I will be able to say “Well, at least I thought it was good.”  As long as I am willing to have a sense of humor about my moves, I will be alright.

I see in the stores here on Maui that we can buy huge boxes of fireworks just like I buy my gift wrapping and laundry soap.  Now you and I know that sometime in the next few days someone on this island is going to be looking at a narrowly avoided catastrophe  and saying “I thought is was a good idea at the time.”

What I am saying is that it is essential that when we mess up a little that we don’t come down on ourselves too hard, and that we maintain the ability to laugh at ourselves when things don’t work out as we might have envisioned.   

The Involved Observer