One or the Other

Is there someone in your life you truly, completly and deeply love?  I truly hope there is, for is there anything greater than having the best parts of yourself reflected back to you?  That person is bringing out the very best in you, paving the way to reach the new heights of your possibility, and you for them.

There is an ironic flip-side to this experience too.  You see, the people you do not feel so loving about are also calling you to reach new heights of possibility.  He, she, or they are calling us all to rise above our pettiness, our idea that we can only love one way or the other.  Those we do not especially care for are mirroring to us parts of ourselves we do not especially care for.  You see, we do not recognize in others what is not alive somewhere within ourselves,  Oh darn!

We cannot deepen our pool of love for one without draining the pool of dislike for another.  Love helps us do this.  Remember when you were first head over heals for someone?  The entire world seemed brighter, there were fewer things which bothered us.  The sun shone brighter, our steps seemed lighter, yet when we turned our eyes for the love in our lives, the traffic got more troublesome, people seemed less kind, and the love we felt for that person seemed just a little less shiny.  

So here is my simple recipie for deeper love in your relationships; Love more, dislike less.  

Think Believe Receive