But did you hear me?

We define hearing as actually listening. Most of us would consider ourselves pretty good listeners.  Unfortunately what we most often do is quite the opposite of being good listeners.  Rather than actually listen for content, we most often listen to comment.  Our partners speak, but we do not hear their message, we only hear the […]

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Who am I?

Who are you?  You are a unique individual who is doing the very best you can at this very moment.  You bring to this planet skills, ideas and possibilities no one has ever brought, and no one else will ever bring.  I guess that makes you pretty special, doesn’t it!   The biggest challenge we

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Magical Thinking

Simply put; magical thinking is believing that if I behave in alignment someone else’s idea of how I should behave my life will be wonderful.  All too often we fall into this trap, heavens knows I have done so many times.  The problem is magical thinking rarely produces anything other than resentment. The other side

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Am I Being Tested?

My car won’t start, I am late for work, the coffee machine broke, I lost the key to the restroom, the client cancelled, my afternoon went in the dumper, I don’t have the money to pay the bills.  Am I being tested?  Is someone or something trying to find out just how much I can

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I Can, I Will

If it sometimes seems I am a cheerleader in these blogs, that is wonderful; I am a cheerleader, a cheerleader for YOU.  Here is how I see things; there is only one obstacle to you achieving the greatness you are: Your belief system. As we go through life we are presented with more NO’s than

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Same mistake, different day.

There is no doubt in my mind you have recognized some “mistake” in your life you have vowed never to repeat, but then, kabam, here it is again, same mistake.  You wonder “did I learn nothing the last time?  What kind of fool am I for repeating that mistake?”  Well, good news, you probably did

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The zen of surfing

One of the really great things about living, as I do, in coastal Southern California is the beach.  I was watching some surfers the other day as they rode the swells on a perfect morning, and as I watched some life lessons we can all embody became clear. To begin riding the waves the surfers

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