Magical Thinking

Simply put; magical thinking is believing that if I behave in alignment someone else’s idea of how I should behave my life will be wonderful.  All too often we fall into this trap, heavens knows I have done so many times.  The problem is magical thinking rarely produces anything other than resentment.

The other side of magical thinking that is dangerous is thinking that if another person would behave the way we want them to, our lives would be wonderful.  This is just as untrue as the first idea; our lives will not truly be wonderful unless and until we live our lives authentically.  We all have strong points about ourselves, and we all have points that are less strong, at least that is what we are taught to believe, but once again we are falling into the trap of judging our worthiness based upon external factors.

This is not the same thing as going back to school because our boss tells us we could have the promotion we seek if we improve our accounting skills.  You see, the accounting skills are a specific goal in our improvement, the promotion is a specific goal in our advancement.  The difference is we get the idea we are lacking in some way because of an off-hand remark we overheard thirty years ago.  It may have come from an abusive partner who repeatedly harped on what they thought your flaws were, rarely do these ideas come from within.  Magical thinking will not eliminate criticism because no amount of thinking will change another persons mind.  The very change you want to see in your life comes about through only one source; YOU, YOURSELF, NUMERO UNO!

The only magical thinking that will produce change are thoughts about yourself.  You are a magician.  Read It’s All About Me and discover what I mean.  Available on 

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