It’s easy for you!

“Sure, it’s easy for you (to say) it’s easy for you (to do) it’s easy for you (to think), you just don’t understand.”  When we say those words “It’s easy for you” what we are doing is telling ourselves we are not capable of doing something, we are telling ourselves someone else is better than we are.  We are limiting ourselves before we even get started.  We are setting up to fail before we give ourselves a chance.  That is clearly self-sabotage.  Why would we want to do that?

None of us has any idea what another person goes through, no idea at all; no more than someone else has any idea of what we go through to do what we do.

I am thinking about a seminar I am planning with my beautiful bride Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar in February of 2018 in Sedona, AZ.  You can probably relate when I tell you many people have learned about this seminar and told me “That’s easy for you!”  They completely fail to take into account the sleep I have lost wondering if I have done all I could do to prepare for a successful event.  The truth is lost sleep is not the only thing I have gone through in this process; self doubt, fear, self-intimidation, you name it, so when someone says “That’s easy for you” I just have to laugh.

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying something like “I have not failed one hundred times, I have successfully eliminated one hundred things that don’t work.”  

Before you self-sabatoge yourself by thinking someone else is better than you at anything, take a moment and reflect on your own successes, there are more successes than you give yourself credit for having achieved.

Oh, and join us in February for an amazing weekend of Love, Ascension and Beyond!  My web site ( more information.