It’s easy for you!

It is easy for you if you think it will be easy for you.  It is difficult for you if you think it will be difficult for you.  These are two very simple statements that will govern everything you do.  The reason they sound so simplistic is that truth does not have to come in multi-sylable words.

One of my recurring themes in these blogs is that words have power; not just power over others, but more importantly, power over ourselves.  We often forget this truth and go about our days oblivious to the fact that every thought becomes a thing even if we don’t realize it.  When we carelessly tell ourselves “You are such a dummy” when we mess up a project or forget our keys, those words become our affirmation, and part of our being actually believes we are a dummy.  

We have literally millions of thoughts every day but our brains can only review a very small portion of those thoughts for accuracy and truth.  If even one quarter of our thoughts were screened for truth and accuracy, that would leave three quarters of our thoughts becoming our beliefs without screening.  Would you accept a screening process for your automobile assembly that was only one quarter accurate?

Please get a copy of my book Think, Believe, Receive, Three steps to an amazing life through and begin to understand how many untruths you tell yourself everyday.  Once you become aware of your anti-you propaganda, you will feel better about yourself, AND you will find; It’s Easy For You!

Think Believe Receive