True identity

Would you like to be able to read another persons mind?  You can, in a way, and do so with the tools you already have!   All you have to do is determine what that person desires: do they desire flashy cars and homes?  Do they desire mega money to feel good?  Do they desire to be left alone or do they desire to work with others to find solutions to the issues of today?  Any and all of these things, and countless others, will let you get inside the mind of another person.  Then you can make your own decisions as to have this person in your life.

Our desires reveal our true identity, but the funny thing is we can think we desire something, then upon further inspection we determine we don’t really desire that thing at all.  This is where having a very good confidant in your life can come in handy.  If you take the time to sit with another person whom you can trust to hold your thoughts in the very strictest confidence, and discuss what you think you desire, you may discover some very interesting things about yourself.  The most surprising thing you may discover is some of those things you think you desire, are actually left-over desires from other people.  You may think you desire a huge home overlooking the ocean where servants wait on you 24/7, but upon deeper reflection you discover what you want is to live a peaceful life, filled with good friends and enough income to live where you choose.  But here you are, filling your days with desires that are really not important to you.  That is a recipe for unhappiness.

This process can be begun after reading It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer.  Take some weight off your mind and discover your true identity.

The Involved Observer