That’s just the way it is

If you want to stop dead in your tracks in your happiness, say the words “That’s just the way it is.”  Saying these words (and as we know, words have power) means you are not willing to even consider that things could be different.

My belief is that real change will not take place in this country until those who pass our laws are less beholding to those who give them money than they are to the people they are supposed to represent, could be held in place if I released myself from trying to effect a change by falling back on “That’s just the way it is.”  These words mean I am not willing to even try to make a change.  If I look at racism, in any of it’s forms, and say “That’s just he way it is,” I am part of keeping racism in place.

If our Founding Fathers had looked at English rule of North America and said “That’s just the way it is,” we would not have a United States of America.  All change first takes place by the people saying that the status quo is not acceptable.  This first step then opens the floodgates of possibility.  

That’s just the way it is, is what we from the 60’s called a “cop-out.”  It means I don’t care.  It means I am powerless.  It means I have given up.  Is this you?  

Do you care?  Do you want to be part of a better world for everyone?  I hope you do! “That’s just the way it is” can go on the junk-heap of history right now.  Step forward, Think, Believe, Receive.

Think Believe Receive