I Can, I Will

If it sometimes seems I am a cheerleader in these blogs, that is wonderful; I am a cheerleader, a cheerleader for YOU.  Here is how I see things; there is only one obstacle to you achieving the greatness you are: Your belief system.

As we go through life we are presented with more NO’s than yeses.  We of course begin to listen more to the no’s because what is repeated most often gains our attention no matter how foolish it may be.  This is why I wrote the book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  The entire book is devoted to opening our minds to the Yeses of life.  Yes, you can achieve your goals, yes you can find that person who makes life wildly exciting again, yes you can have the physical shape you seek.  You will make these dreams come true when you stop listening to the naysayer in your head and get on the path to achieving what you want.

I know this sounds like the same old message, and it is!  You have heard this type of statement so many times you cannot even count the repetitions. The question is; will you really act upon the message this time?

At the risk of being redundant here are the four simple steps:

  1. Think about what you want to achieve;  how will it look, how will you feel.  Don’t worry about how you will get there, just think about it.
  2. Know you have, or can have all the skills and connections you need, again don’t worry about how or why, just know.
  3. Affirm your ability to achieve.  Every time the naysayer in your head speaks up, affirm, affirm, affirm.
  4. Read Think, Believe, Receive.  You will find many useful tools to help you along. 

Think Believe Receive