Energy is Potential

All things are energy, including your thoughts.  Your thoughts represent what you attract, and what you manifest in your life.  Question; do your thoughts support the dreams you say you have or do they work against those dreams?  Do you dream of winning the lottery, but when you go to check your numbers is your first thought “I probably didn’t win?”  Are you dreaming of a perfect relationship but constantly talk about how there is no one out there? 

Full disclosure here: I had begun to question my own thought process about my dreams because they did not seem to be showing up in my life, the urge to simply give up on my dreams was growing very, very strong, then one day very recently I got a call which changed everything.  I had been questioning my energy investment potential.  What I discovered about my own thinking was something I wrote about in my first book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.

 I had forgotten that the Universe always says yes to our dreams, but the timetable of the Universe is not necessarily my timetable.  My idea of how and when my dreams are to show up is not the Universes idea of how and when they will show up.  The Universe provides on such a grander scale than we as humans can even perceive.  It is up to us to do the dreaming, to use our energy potential fully, then we step aside and allow the Universe to move the pieces around so they all work together.  Our job is not to drive the bus, simply to tell the bus driver where we would like to go, and let the driver deal with how.   

Please read TBR and get a fuller idea of what I mean.

Think Believe Receive