Amateur or Professional

The difference between being an amateur and being a professional is far greater than that one gets paid and the other one doesn’t.  In a nutshell the difference is this; an amateur plays, a professional practices.  do you hear the difference?  Do you play at being successful or do you practice being successful?  Do you play at being happy or do you practice being happy?  

Right here where it is quiet and secret ask yourself about your goals in life; what do you really want, how do you really, honestly, truly want to feel?  As we strip away the layers of meaningless answers to this question we find when we get down to it we all have goals in our lives yet we simply do not take the time to practice the things which will bring those goals into our lives, we do not take the time to be professionals at our success.  We find, as we become the Involved Observer in our lives that we spend more time running from our goals than running towards them.

The good news is we can change that right now, this very minute. We can tell ourselves (here in this place of confidence and security) that yes, Until Now we have been running from our success but from this moment forward we change that; not “I will change that,” no “I DO change that habit.” Stand in solidarity with yourself, don’t put off that change one moment longer, replace the reasons you are not doing something with the reasons to do that something.

On Monday I will be discussing habits and how to change habits which no longer serve us, but this weekend think about how you have been running from your success, how you might have been playing rather than practicing your success.

The Involved Observer