“I don’t have time to….. ”  You have heard this countless times, maybe you have even said it yourself, but stop and think about this; you and I have exactly the same number of moments in our lives, so does every other being on this planet.  Exactly the same number of moments.  The real question about these moments, this time, is how we use them.

Are you using you moments to re-live the past? Or are you using these moments to live in the now?  Are you using these moments to worry about what might be, or are you using those moments to make the most of the time you have right now?  Are your moments predominated with thoughts of missed opportunity, of regret for not having said the right words at the right time?

 How much of your time is spent thinking about what could go wrong rather than what is going right and how to perpetuate that success?  Don’t misunderstand; moments spent visioning the future are wonderful IF what we are visioning focuses on success, achievement and joy.  The truth about this visioning is that we are co-creating with the Universe our good.  If I sit here visioning being a keynote speaker to hundreds of audiences a year, that is good; if I sit here thinking about being that keynote speaker but being fretful about lost luggage, that’s not so good because those loss moments are just as powerful as the moments spent on perfect experiences.

Thoughts are a recurring theme in these blogs because it is through thought we create; we create joy, harmony and love with our thoughts, just as we create sadness, conflict and loneliness with our thoughts.  This is true no matter what our spiritual leanings are.

We all have the same number of moments every day; how will you use your moments today?

   The Involved Observer                                 Think Believe Receive