Right or Righteous thinking

What is the difference between right thinking and righteous thinking?  Does it even matter?  Well yes of course it matters, because the goal of these blogs is to help you (and me) become more IN-powered, to live a fuller, more successful life.

Right thinking is thought which comes from the truth that what I am experiencing in my life is my responsibility.  Righteous thinking is the mistaken belief that anyone or anything can create a burden upon you which you do not first accept.  Before those who ascribe their life experiences to a higher power get sideways; look to your teachings.  Universally what we find is some type of teaching which tells us something along the lines of “God helps those who help themselves,” or “It is done unto as you believe.”  When we live in right thinking we live in a place where we understand that through the power of the Unlimited Source (whatever we may choose to call that Source) we have the power to be joyful or sad; healthy or ill and so on.

As we choose to live our lives in Right Thinking we can pray all we want, meditate or contemplate all we want, supplicate or lift ourselves up all we choose, but we are still playing an active roll in our experience.  Should we choose to live our lives in Righteous Thinking, every bad piece of news, every lost opportunity, every rainy day is the result of someone out there dumping on us be it our neighbor or God.

So decide for yourself how you want to think; Righteously or Right.  The amusing part of this is that even you choose righteously, you are still making a choice!

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The Involved Observer