Same mistake, different day.

There is no doubt in my mind you have recognized some “mistake” in your life you have vowed never to repeat, but then, kabam, here it is again, same mistake.  You wonder “did I learn nothing the last time?  What kind of fool am I for repeating that mistake?”  Well, good news, you probably did not experience that “mistake” the same way the next time, you just came upon it from a different level of awareness.  Happens all the time!

If you liken “mistakes” to hurricanes you may see how this works.  First, the mistake hits you from east to west, like the circular winds of a hurricane.  You work through the mistake, and find yourself in the eye of the hurricane where all is peaceful.  You resolve to not have that happen again, but sooner or later the second part of the hurricane comes upon you from west to east and you think you are simply messing up beyond all recognition.  Relax, the same skills which brought you through the first experience will help you get through the next experience, and when you do, the storm is over.  Maybe you will again some day experience the hurricane again, the same mistake, but this time you can prepare for the event, take more informed actions, and be more confident you will indeed survive, and be wiser still.

Of course if you want to avoid the hurricane experience altogether, move to California! (and bring water with you.)

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