Memorial Day

Today is the day set aside to honor those who have given their lives for our country.  Please remember that. This is not the day to honor those who survived their service.  I mention this because, as with so many other casually thought of holidays, and even casually used phrases, we get them mixed up, and the power, the intention of those phrases and remembrances is lost.

Does it matter that we lump Veterans Day and Memorial Day together?  Does it matter that we unthinkingly say everyone does this so it is alright for us to do it?  Yes, and No.  It matters only to the degree we want to be absolutely clear in our communication with ourselves and others, if this is not important to you, OK.  

Clear concise communication helps us work with others, helps others work with us, and insures we have a common goal.  Murky goals, and garbled communication sets us up for failure.  In my book It’s All About Me I call this lazy thinking.  Lazy thinking, lazy communication let’s us all down and is a huge stumbling block to IN-powerment.

OK, that’s my pet peeve for today.  Please take a moment to honor those who have served us and given their lives; military, and civilian alike.  

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