The School of Love

The School of Love is in session, and you are the only student. Set aside all the conflicting definitions of love.  Release the idea that love and romance are synonymous.  Fear of being misunderstood as you stand in love is a distraction from your classwork.   Focus on yourself How do you feel about yourself? […]

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The Need for Approval

Here’s one of those things I am not all that proud about; my quest for approval.  Know what I mean?  When you know what is the right thing to do yet you do something else simply because you believe it is what someone else wants?  Not a great feeling is it. Humans are, by nature,

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Call Me Anything

A little less than a week ago we celebrated what many refer to as Easter Sunday.  for some this was a day of reflection of their spiritual truths, their spiritual roots; for some it was a reason for feasting or an extra day off, many of those in school got a week off, even though

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Happy New Year!

2016.  How long will it take you to remember to use the ’16 as you write your checks and fill out paperwork?  I always get a great laugh as I watch myself adapt to the new year.  And as I wrote on Wednesday, resolutions are something which can work for us, or against us, so if

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Release the need to “do”

One of the things we share in our experience is the fruitless need to “do” or to “be”.  I say fruitless because we begin as fully formed, fully IN-powered beings.  When we attempt to justify ourselves or define ourselves through what we do, where we live, who our family is, how we practice our spirituality,

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You are the Teacher

When we send our kids off to school we think the teachers at that school are going to teach our kids (or grand kids) what they need to know.  The truth is those dedicated  people in the teaching profession do a wonderful job in so many areas, but the most important lessons are not the ones

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