Call Me Anything

A little less than a week ago we celebrated what many refer to as Easter Sunday.  for some this was a day of reflection of their spiritual truths, their spiritual roots; for some it was a reason for feasting or an extra day off, many of those in school got a week off, even though it is no longer called “Easter Vacation.”

What I want to look at today is the idea of how no matter what you call something, no matter how hard we try to manipulate our words to differentiate people and ideas from one another, they still come back to the same place under different words.  We allow these words to separate us, and that is a shame.  At this time in our experience on planet earth what we really want to be doing is coming together, honoring each other.

We place such importance upon the name of our spiritual support; Jesus, God, Buddha, and so on.  I don’t often hear a call to discuss spirituality, but today seems to be that day!  

In these days of being belittled for how we worship, or don’t worship, we are valued too often for no other reason than how we refer to our Spiritual Practices.  The time has come for us to truly listen to our Spiritual Guidance, regardless of how we refer to it, and honor the Spiritual Guidance of others, no matter how they refer to it.  It is time, it is past time, to drop this idea that our Supreme Power gives a hoot what we call it, as long as we make it our guiding force.  Call Me Anything, just call!

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