Look UP!

Look UP!  Yes, I invite you to think about this; when we walk with our heads down we may indeed prevent ourselves from stubbing our toes, but we are far more likely to bump our heads!  In body language, those who walk looking down are out of their power, they are sad, feeling low in personal energy.  Look UP!.  The world is a beautiful place, the only way to truly enjoy it is to Look UP! Those who walk with their heads up are viewed by others as confidant, powerful and purposeful, and that is not only to others, but to themselves as well.

If you find yourself walking with your head held hight take a moment and notice how much better you feel, how much more energy you have.  Your spirits will rise, your vibration will rise and all those concerns which had your head hanging low will disappear. Look UP!  See the birds, see the sunset, see the world!  IN-power yourself to live life fully. If at first holding up your head as you walk might seem uncomfortable, so if you have to “fake it ’till you make it!”  Before you know it, your entire being will respond to your new posture, as will those around you.  People will ask things like “have you lost weight?” or “What’s different about you, you look so young!”

Look UP! and the world will be filled with new possibilities.  Remember, how you experience life is purely up to you; It is, All About YOU!  Look UP!

Think Believe Receive                                                               The Involved Observer