Release the need to “do”

One of the things we share in our experience is the fruitless need to “do” or to “be”.  I say fruitless because we begin as fully formed, fully IN-powered beings.  When we attempt to justify ourselves or define ourselves through what we do, where we live, who our family is, how we practice our spirituality, we simply get confused and frustrated.

Have you taken time to simply sit quietly and think about all the wonderful things which have happened in your life?  How many of those things came about because you drove a certain type of car, or held a certain job?  Very few if any of the most amazing and delightful experiences we have are related to external things.  We are all, yes even you, so much more than the exterior expressions in our lives.

What I am talking about is going within, to the core of our beings and really getting to know what makes us happy.  Certainly having enough money to do what you want is a delightful thing, but think back to those wonderful memories and ask yourself if they might have been possible even on a tight budget.  Our most joyful experiences come about by our being in a mental place where we can accept the bounty of the Universe as it gives itself to us without reservation.  The passion of our first love had nothing to do with our grades at school.  The unbounded joy of looking into a baby’s eyes is not dependent upon our physical appearance.  There is so much we are gifted just through the fact of our being.  Take a moment and relax, and see what happens when you let go of the “need to do.”

The Involved Observer                                                            Think Believe Receive