What do you practice?

Practice makes perfect.  We have heard that line countless times, and we have heard it so often because it is totally true.  My question for you today is just what are you practicing?  Are you practicing love for those around you, or are you practicing judgement about others worthiness?  Are you practicing patience and acceptance for the people with whom you work, or are you practicing impatience and anger.  Do you practice gratitude for the world in which you live, the possibility which surrounds you every moment or is your practice to look at what you do not have and bemoan what has not come into your life yet?

Practice makes perfect, if you want to see more income, be more aware of the income you have.  Bless every penny, nickle, dime, quarter and dollar which comes your way.  When you write a check for a bill, bless that money as it goes out and be grateful for it being there to pay the bill.  When gas prices skyrocket, why practice being angry, you have that one down pretty well already and the media assists in keeping it in the front of your mind, but what would it feel like to practice being grateful that you have a vehicle for transportation which uses gasoline? 

This is not a complicated process, it does not cost a dime, and as far as taking up your time; you can practice seeing the up-side during the same period you would have practiced complaining.  We have so much for which to be grateful, you are reading this on some type of electronic device, so right now, this moment give thanks you have access to that device and the communication network which makes it possible.

What a wonderful question: What do I practice?

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