Make me happy

OK, you want me to make you happy, what would that look like?  You want your spouse or partner to make you happy, exactly what would that take.  You want the world to dedicate itself to making you happy.  How would that happen? If that car in front of you would just move over so you could pass, you would be happy.  Really?

Happiness is an inside job.  I would love to be able to write some deep message about happiness which did not insist you participate in the happiness, but the fact remains, no one can do anything to you or for you which will bring you happiness UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU ALLOW  THE HAPPINESS.  That is all there is to it.  This is at once a limiting and an unlimiting thought.  If we rely on others to be the source of our happiness; if we depend upon the color of our car to bring us happiness, if we insist that everyone do things the way we want when we want them, we have doomed ourselves to forever living life unhappy.  

Now, when we turn that coin over and realize that when we have truly been happy it has been because we have chosen to be happy, we find within ourselves the power to take any situation and choose to be happy, even if the situation is a bit “icky-sticky” because it is always within our power to find something worthwhile in any situation.  Yes, even that one! Because it is, after all, All About Me!

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