You are the Teacher

When we send our kids off to school we think the teachers at that school are going to teach our kids (or grand kids) what they need to know.  The truth is those dedicated  people in the teaching profession do a wonderful job in so many areas, but the most important lessons are not the ones which come with a test and a score sheet at the end of the lesson.  The most important lessons are those we teach without saying anything.  The most important lessons are those we teach by how we ourselves live, where we place our priorities.  These are lessons which are absorbed by our young ones which will then be played-out throughout their lives, time and time again.

Do you show love easily and often?  Then your little ones will also show love easily and often.  Do you browbeat or guilt them into doing things?  Then they will browbeat and guilt others later in life.  The most valuable lessons, those which will not be forgotten when the semester ends are unspoken lessons and you are teaching them right now.

If you live in a memory of limitation, as did many of our grandparents (or great grandparents) there will always be an air of “not enough” around you, and without saying anything to your children, they will adopt an idea of “not enough”.  You may not even be aware of what you are passing along.

Those who live lives afraid of different cultures will probably be raising children who are afraid of different cultures.  You probably picked this up from your parents who in turn picked it up from theirs, and so on.

We must become aware of the off-hand words we speak, the vibrations we emit, because those are the things which teach more clearly than the formal lessons in any school.  IN-power yourself to raise your children to be the adults you hope they will be, and a great start is the Involved Observer in It’s All About Me.  Click below to purchase!

The Involved Observer