The Banquet Table

What if you found yourself standing before a banquet table stretching from here to beyond your sight? That table is covered with every imaginable delight to your senses; every food and drink your heart could desire, in unlimited quantities, and no matter how much you chose to consume, there would always be more ready for you at exactly the perfect temperature, and no matter how much you ate you would never feel stuffed or gain a pound? How would you feel?

Good news, that what is before you right now.  An unlimited array of experiences, boundless joy, prosperity, peace, security, comfort and possibility.  Pretty cool huh?  So here is all this stuff ready for us, and what do we do?  Decline to partake because there might be a catch, there might be a price we are unwilling to pay.  In short we turn away from the unlimited right before ourselves out of fear.

In my book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life I offer several examples of how I have found myself declining what I have asked for, and I have included a couple stories about people who have walked boldly up to the table and taken what they wanted and thrived without diminishing what is available to anyone else by a single morsel.  

Now as cool as that is, I ask you take a step back and consider this: the real gift is not the bounty on the table, the real gift is that the banquet is there for us. We get caught up in the specifics of our abundance, without recognizing that the abundance itself is the gift we seek.

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