Our Costumes

Tonight many of us will open our doors to hob-goblins, ghosts and ghouls of countless descriptions.  Do you recall that the purpose of wearing these costumes can be traced back to the tradition of one night a year, wearing on the outside what we are afraid of on the inside?  Many of us are afraid of […]

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Have you ever seen that sign along the freeway?  EXPECT DELAYS. What happens when you see that sign?  Chances are you get tense, begin wondering if you will get to your destination on time, you may even begin to get anxious, perhaps even angry, “Why me, why today?” you ask yourself. I have noticed that


Life is amazing!

When I set out for the Soap Box Derby last weekend I wrote that I would report on what I learned from the young drivers, ages 7-17.  How delightful that at the Akron Rubber Ducks minor league baseball game Tuesday night I met an 89 year old Korean War veteran named Harold. Harold has an

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Have you ever had a great idea, I mean something which makes you so excited you can hardly wait to see it come into being?  For a few moments that idea is so crystal clear it is like you can feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it.  I have.Then that part of me which is all

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