Have you ever had a great idea, I mean something which makes you so excited you can hardly wait to see it come into being?  For a few moments that idea is so crystal clear it is like you can feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it.  I have.Then that part of me which is all about the fear of success starts adding it’s two cents worth, and suddenly the idea seems too hard to make come true.  Sometime later that idea shows up on the market and someone else is making big bucks.

If we allow our fear of success take over our ideas, we will never have that private island, or yacht, or vacation home.  I want to share some good news. Once you have that fantastic idea, it is yours.  When the voices of fear begin speaking up, recognize them for what they are, just voices.  From this moment forward YOU are in-powered to see your idea to successful fruition simply by turning the volume knob down when fear of success wants to speak.  Trust your intuition, it is what makes you so special.

Hold to your vision, it is yours to live, as you Think, Believe, Receive!

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