Celebrate your Quirk!

Has anyone ever told you that you were weird? If so, how did you react?  Did you hope no one else noticed your quirk?  There is much to be said for ‘fitting-in’ , and most of it is said by people who want you to behave the way they want you to behave. If you have a talent for finding the most interesting possible way to get the job done, why in the world would you want to bury that talent to make someone else comfortable?

There are billions of people on this planet right now, and more are coming in every second.  If it were natures plan to have one way of doing things, one way of thinking, dressing, acting, why would these billions of people be created?  If it had been done right already, done the only way it could be done, I believe the shutters would have been pulled-down and the lights turned out on our planet. But that has not happened because it is the quirkiness of each individual which gives this life texture, depth and expansion.

If you have been one who has wanted conformity from those around you, this might be an excellent concept to explore in your own way. Your own quirky way!  If you have been one who has wanted to let that inner creative being out for a run, let it go, enjoy your individuality!  And if you have been one who has proudly colored, oblivious to the lines, Celebrate Your Quirk!

You were created as an individual to be an individual.  Be proud, and be your individual!

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