Don’t Believe Everything You Think

A neighbor of mine has that bumper sticker, and it is sooo true! We have been handed our thoughts from teachers ranging back to our very first conscious thought.  Obviously many of those thoughts have not been examined in our current frame of mind and education, yet we still act upon them as though they were handed down from on-high.

 How do we tell the difference? If the thought you are expressing is causing you discomfort; if the thought you are expressing is resulting in arguments at work or at home, with family and friends, this is a good sign it might be time to review what you truly think today, and ask yourself if what you are expressing comes not from you, but some long forgotten teacher.

In my forthcoming book It’s All About Me I offer a system to aid you in sifting through these old thoughts, a way to reboot yourself to live more fully, more successfully in your today reality.  If this is a topic which interests you, I invite you to drop me a note at the web site.

                                Not everything we think has a place in our belief and actions today.

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