Where is your focus?

How much of your time do you spend thinking about what is not working, or working as well as it might, in your life?  Now, ask yourself how much time do I spend thinking about things which are going very well in my life.  Do they balance out?  Are you spending more time thinking about stuff that does not seem to be working, or are you able to say, “well, that’s not all it could be”, do what you can do, then move on?

Where we give our attention grows, that is one of the big truths of life, in fact it is a Universal Law!  This truth may have been given to you by someone who said “stop and smell the roses”.  All around us is beauty, peace, love, harmony, money and success.  But until we spend more of our attention on these things, and less upon what we do not want in our lives, beauty, peace, love, harmony, success, and yes even money, will be beyond our reach.  

              Where is your focus?  Is your focus on what you want, or what you do not want?
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