Reach that goal

Once you have decided what you want, once you have realized that to achieve that goal you must stop worrying about how it will be reached and begun relaxing into the perfection of the Universe to deliver what you have asked for, there may be one more thing to do; let go of you fear […]

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The Trees

We have hoped, prayed, treated, imagined, planned and schemed to achieve something in our lives but we often wonder where the heck the manifestion of all that visualization is.  Brothers and Sisters, believe me, it is manifesting, but we are so deep in the trees of our lives we often cannot see the unfolding of

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How Is It?

How is it that we can grow if we are glued to what has been?  How is it we can love an support another person if we insist they remain the same?  How is it we can expect to achieve our goals without changing who we are? OK, trick question.  We cannot grow stuck to

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I want it all!!!

I am sorry to say, you cannot have it all. WHAT?  I can’t have it all? Strange words from a blog about possibility aren’t they?  The fact is you can not have it all because “All” has no bounds!  Remember when your idea of having it all meant having your own car, place to live

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Give Yourself Permission

Too often we wait for someone else to bring us an opportunity; opportunity to grow,  opportunity to achieve, opportunity to experience.  Stop waiting!  Give yourself permission to make, to experience, to have.  Yes, others can help us achieve our goals, but sitting around waiting for that goal to plop down on our doorstep fully completed

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