Give Yourself Permission

Too often we wait for someone else to bring us an opportunity; opportunity to grow,  opportunity to achieve, opportunity to experience.  Stop waiting!  Give yourself permission to make, to experience, to have.  Yes, others can help us achieve our goals, but sitting around waiting for that goal to plop down on our doorstep fully completed is not the powerful you.

What is your dream?  Think about that question.  What is my dream?  Am I waiting for someone else to give me permission to succeed? Give yourself permission right now to step into that dream.  What is your goal?  Give yourself permission to begin realizing that goal right now; not tomorrow, or after the Super Bowl, right now.  Where would you like to grow?  Is your dream to learn how to arrange flowers, or learn to snow board?  No one else will give you the permission to learn, only you can give yourself that permission, and at the same time, only you can withhold that permission from yourself, so what are you waiting for?  What has to happen before you step into the wonderful you which is yearning to express?

A dear friend of mine had the dream of becoming a Gong Master.  She gave herself permission to have the dream no matter what others said about that dream.  It took three years and some interesting turns in the road, but today she is bringing so much joy to those who hear her play she knows every moment of the journey was worthwhile.

You have a dream inside you, perhaps more than one dream.  I say to you right now, give yourself permission to live that dream no matter how many birthdays you have had, no matter how many others tell you to “get real.” Give yourself permission to live your life fully.

Think Believe Receive