Ask what you want

What would you like to hear someone say to you today? A good friend of mine named Ashtar gave me this process specifically to pass along to you so that you might experience this joy.  

Step one, when you get up in the morning, decide what you would like to hear said to you today.  It might be “I love you” perhaps it would be “you are an asset to this company” or maybe you would like to hear someone say to you “you are beautiful.” Now that you have clearly in mind what you would like to hear, step two is to write it down.  As you go about your day listen for those words directed at you.  When you hear those words, or words very similar to them make a note, either written or a mental note, but let me be clear; you will hear those words during the day.

Step three; once your day is concluded, write down who said those words to you and when.  As you write down the experiences of hearing the words you wanted to hear, say thank you; thank you to God, thank you to the Universe, All That Is, thank you to whomever you credit with the good stuff in your life, and prepare for the next opportunity to get the feedback you seek.  I promise it is there.  

This is not mumbo jumbo, it is setting an intention, then watching for that intention to manifest in your life.  Once you get confident you will attract the words you seek, why not expand it to attracting the situation you want, the job you want, the relationship you want, it is all the same process  and it is at your beck and call. Have fun, and read It’s All About Me if you still harbor any feelings that getting what you want is somehow wrong.  

The Involved Observer