Drama Now

Here is a fun fact: we cannot live in our dramas and still live in the now.

What this statement means is that we all experience dramas in our lives. Drama is  energy which swirl around our lives but serves only to create discord within us, energy which make us feel badly about who we are, what we do and what we think.  Drama comes into our lives only when invited and stays only as long as we provide it a place to live.  For instance; when we gossip we are inviting drama into our lives.  When we go into a string of complaints about our experiences, about other peoples actions, or our perception of other peoples motivations, we are creating drama around us which robs us of the sweetness of life.

On the other hand, to live in the NOW, we recognize that things happen around us which might be uncomfortable, yet we do not remain in the discomfort, building up its effects on our lives.   From the NOW we have the power to change what we do not like and move forward with our lives.

But we cannot have it both ways at the same time: we can live in the drama, which is about the past, or we can live in the now  and create the life we want.  We can live in fear about what may come into our lives, and create dramas about how frightening the future might be, or we can live in the power of now to create a future which is welcoming and loving. it is your choice.  

I invite you to be conscious about your choices, and I also invite you to read my book Think Believe Receive which has several chapters to help you become conscious of how you are thinking, as well as where you are placing your energy.

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