Your condition is not your reality

I do not have to define for you what your condition is, your know what your condition is.  Whatever that “condition” is called, it is not your reality.  Is your condition an illness?  Is your condition your relationship status? Is your condition related to your body shape?  No matter how you define your condition, the condition is simply a condition and is only your reality as long as you relate to the condition as your reality.  

If your issue is your body shape do you find yourself saying “I Am Fat?” If you are saying this you are making your shape your reality.  You could just as easily be saying “I am in the process of shedding a few extra pounds.” Both statements say the same thing, but the second one IN-powers you to achieve a goal while the first makes it your reality.  Are you saying “I can’t find a suitable partner” or are you saying “the right person has yet to come along.”  Both statements define your situation, the second statement allows you to remain open to the right person while the first statement closes off all possibility of finding the right person.

At any point in our lives growth is possible, and so is stasis.  Stasis is remaining in the same place, unchanging.  Stasis in our lives comes about when we are not thinking about what we are telling ourselves and the world about our wants and desires.  We subconsciously bring about the opposite of what we want when we make our condition our reality.

In both of my books we discuss this issue; the issue of being aware of our speech, our choice of words.  Words are powerful factors in how we experience our lives.  Choose to live powerfully and remember, your condition is not your reality. 


Think Believe Receive                                   The Involved Observer