Two way street

Communication with the Universe, that part of us that is always there, always speaking to us, is a two way street.  We may think of this voice as our sub-conscious, or our angels, or our conscience, but it is always there, always guiding, supporting and loving us. This voice is not only helping us find […]

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I Am Still Looking

Have you spent years listening for that small still voice in your self that will confirm for you that you are on the right path?  Are you getting frustrated that there has been no burning bush or pillar of fire as a signpost on your path? Good news!  For most of us there will never

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What is your limitation?

I don’t have any limitations, you say.  I am unlimited in all things.  Yes, yes you are unlimited in all things, and when we get to the point in our evolution where we have embodied this truth to the fullest extent possible we will indeed have not limitations.  Right now, however, no matter how evolved

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It’s My Voice I Hear

When someone speaks to me it really doesn’t matter what they say, it is my own voice I hear.  Whatever preconceived notions I have about any topic will filter what I hear, and this is what leads to communication challenges for us all.  This tendency to hear anything through our own filters is present in each and

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Words to consider

“When it comes to theory, I’m mostly leary, it is what I feel that is mostly real.” These words were spoken to me today on the island of Molokai by a tour guide named Keihi.  I give full credit to him, but I think its worth thinking about.  No matter what is going on in

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