Two way street

Communication with the Universe, that part of us that is always there, always speaking to us, is a two way street.  We may think of this voice as our sub-conscious, or our angels, or our conscience, but it is always there, always guiding, supporting and loving us.

This voice is not only helping us find the right and perfect way to do something, but it also functions just like the little app on our phones or computers; the notes tab.  We have put into this guidance things we have chosen to release from our experiences; things like “from now on I will not be so hard on myself about my weight,” or “I will remember to be less pushy in my dealings with other.”

When we come across someone who is being hard on themselves about their weight or being too pushy in dealing with others, our little voice, The Universe, pulls up that little reminder we placed there by making us uncomfortable with those actions we have resolved to release from our own thought process, but have not quite gotten around to doing.  “Hey” it says to us, “remember we were going to let that stuff go? ”  It is not the actions or words of others that is bringing up that discomfort in us, it is our own unresolved thoughts or actions which is making us uncomforable.  Our little notes app is reminding us that we have resolved to change our own behavior about something.

When we come across another person doing what we promised ourselves not to do anymore, we get a gentle reminder; a reminder that this thought process no longer serves us.  Once we have truly forgiven ourselves for doing these things we no longer get that reaction of discomfort when others do the same thing.

Kinda cool, huh?

The Involved Observer