Pop Physchology

The ideas I write about are, for the most part, what is sometimes dismissed as Pop Physchology.  Sometimes I hear people deriding this way of thinking as shallow, simple and child-like.  You know, I am good with that, because the truth is, these ideas are simple and childlike, but they are far from simple!  Who ever said Self-IN-Powerment has to be complicated?

As much as we might like to think of ourselves as complicated, layered individuals, when we strip away all the words all any of us truly wants is to be happy!  What does that word happy mean?  Whatever you think it means.  For some happiness is to walk around like Buddha, peaceful in our thoughts and actions, loving of all aspects of the earth.  For some, as hard as it is to believe, happiness is being a judgmental person, always ready to offer a though about how others can be better people.  Either way what we do, we do to bring ourselves happiness.  

When we come to the point in our lives that we realize everything we do is about our own happiness, and accept that, then we can enjoy that happiness.  As long as we base our own happiness on the behavior of other, we will be frustrated because we cannot control what other people think, do or say.  Is this Pop Physchology?  Is this too simple to be true?  The answer to this question comes from one place, within ourselves.

If you want to better understand why someone is doing or saying something I have a book that may help with that understanding, and lead to more happiness in your own life; it is called Bear and Butterfly THE Relationship Handbook.  It may just help you Pop your own happiness higher by understanding yourself.