Lifetime learning

Make no mistake about it, everything we do in this lifetime is about learning.  We learn to walk, talk, socialize, make a living and countless lessons in-between. The choice of learning Without getting into the esoteric considerations of life, we are always at choice as to what we  learn.  How many times have you learned […]

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Our relationship to life

We define relationship as involvement with something or someone else. There are two kinds of people.  The first kind of person thinks there are two kinds of people.  The second kind knows there are as many kinds of people as there are people!   For the first group life must be defined as “Them or

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A victim is one who spends the greatest portion of their time living in their past.  A victim defines themselves by their past; their experiences, their hurts (real and imagined) trying to come to grips with the question: why? As a victim, perhaps the greatest challenge is keeping the pain of the past alive.  A

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I have no choice

Have you ever heard yourself say “I have no choice, I have to do it”?  Try to remember how it feels when you say this to yourself, that you have no choice; very disempowering, isn’t it.  To have no choice means you are doing something against your will, and no one really wants to feel

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What we become

Modern age mystic and teacher Emma Curtis Hopkins wrote “We become what we associate with.”  How powerful is this thought! Take a moment and look around your life; you will find you associate closely with those who reflect your values.  This is a little easier to identify in other people than it is in our own

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Round Peg, Round Hole

You know this phrase, it means that the person chosen for a task is perfectly suited to that task.  Round peg, square hole means we are trying to force an issue  or person to conform to a shape it was never intended to fill. Do you ever feel like a round peg in a square

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